What can I do?

There are known factors that affect Parkinson’s. This section is full of things to try that may help you manage your condition better.

Everyone is just so different because your life is so different.



Part of understanding your condition is understanding what is normal for you. This will enable you to make changes if something is not right.


If your Parkinson’s symptoms feel more prominent, it could be that your medication is not working effectively, but it could also easily be that you were not taking it consistently, or you were tired or stressed.


Understanding your ‘normal’ will enable you to decide if it is lifestyle factors that are affecting your condition or if it is the condition itself that has changed.


The following sections will give you the start of a plan to try and change something. First, read the tips and research the tools and then make a plan that is right for you.


You can access the planning document from the bottom of the page to monitor your progress and add structure to your plan.


Parkinson’s UK offer advice and support about living with Parkinson’s, this section is designed to help you turn the advice into a plan for change.