Types of Unhelpful Thoughts

Being able to notice unhelpful thoughts is the first step you can take to adjust them to more helpful ones. Have a look at the following examples – do you recognise any of these thoughts?


Overgeneralising is when you’ve had an experience in one situation, you assume it’s going to happen again because it’s happened before.

“I couldn’t do it once, so I’m not going to be able to do it ever again.”

Say for instance you’ve been at a party and you were feeling particularly tired that day, you found that you couldn’t cope and you left early to go home.

The next time you get invited to a social event, you assume that because you felt like that last time, it’s going to happen again.

You might use the more negative experience in one instance and assume that’s what’s going to happen again in the future.

Just because you went home early once, there’s no evidence that you might have to again.