Confidence College was created through a collaboration between NHS England and Shift.ms. Specialist neurological input was provided by NHS England London Neuroscience clinical network. Shift.ms service design team have used their experience in digital and innovation design to create an accessible web experience for those living with neurological conditions.


Confidence College aims to provide media that will empower both people living with a neurological condition and primary care services equally.
The tools have been developed to increase knowledge, break down barriers and allow stakeholders to plan together for better care and quality of life for people with a neurological condition.
By preparing Clinicians and people living with a condition to have better conversations, we hope we can support integrated care implementation wherever it is happening.
The project was developed with the help of many contributors and participation from Clinical experts, GP’s and patients. Content has been developed through co-design sessions with patients and research interviews with clinicians.


Confidence College has been built on the input of a wide range of individuals, including both patients and healthcare professionals. The following individuals and organisations have been key contributors to the research and development of Confidence College:

Anette Schrag, Neurologist (University College London) – Parkinsons’s Disease
Bernadette Porter, Nurse Consultant University College London) – Multiple Sclerosis
Heather Angus-Leppan, Neurologist (Royal Free London) – Epilepsy
Jennifer Nightingale, Senior Epilepsy Nurse specialist (Nightingale Epilepsy Consultancy, nightingale-epilepsy.com )




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