Controlling your diet can improve your general health and have a positive impact on your symptoms.


Even if you know the right things to eat, adopting a diet change into your life can still be hard. Any plan you make must be realistic, factors that could affect it are:

• How interested you are in food and your cooking ability.


• How much time you have to buy and prepare food.


• How many people you are cooking for.


A good way of adopting a new diet is to use a meal planner. A quick search online will show you there are many different kinds of planner, most of which you can download for free. It is important to find one that works for you.


Some supermarkets provide planners that can help you build up menus and then add the ingredients to your online shopping basket.

Any plan you make must take in to account the whole process; shopping, storing, preparing, cooking and storing leftovers. A good meal planner will enable you to do that.


Parkinson’s UK have put together an advice sheet outlining the diet you should be consuming, combine this with your meal planner.


You may also want to use the Confidence College planning document to track your progress.