24 Hour Tracker

To diagnose a relapse, symptoms have to last 24hrs.

Here is a foolproof way of tracking that time so you know if you are or aren’t having a relapse.




1. When did you notice a new or re-occurring symptom start?

Take note of the time when you first noticed the symptoms.







2. Set an alarm for 24 hours later.

For example if symptoms started at on Tuesday at 3pm, set your alarm for 3pm on Wednesday.






3. When your alarm goes off, check in with your body and assess how you’re feeling.
If you are still experiencing the symptom that began 24hrs earlier you’re probably having a relapse.

Now is the time to make a decision about what step to take next.
Follow link below to ‘What are My Choices?’


Download Yearly Relapse Tracker to help track your relapses and symptoms throughout the year.