Your Epilepsy Goals

Are there any goals you would like to set that would improve your life? By goals it can mean anything. It doesn’t need to be extraordinary marathon running!


Use the sheet below to suggest goals and whose help you need to achieve them. It could be that you would like to be fitter, improve your diet or you would like to plan a holiday. The goals sheet helps you articulate what your goal is and a plan to make it happen.

By involving people in your life you are more likely to achieve the goal as you are being supported. Also, by involving those who know you best will mean they know the best way to help you and will tell you if you are being realistic or not.


Download your Goal sheet now to get started (instructions included!).

I wanted to keep up my general level of physical activity so I set myself the goal to walk a little further, by not getting the bus at my nearest stop – instead I walk down the hill each morning to the next bus stop.



Below are examples from other people living with Epilepsy and the goals they have set for themselves:

David’s goal

Krista’s goal

Sam’s goal