What happens to me?

Your type of Epilepsy, what triggers your seizures, and how you deal with them is individual to you.

Your approach to living with Epilepsy must be tailored to you as a person, because not only are your symptoms unique, you also have a lifestyle, environment and support network that is personal to you.

Your Epilepsy is so unique, you need to create your own description.



Seizure Profile

The first step of making a tailored plan is to be sure about the type of Epilepsy you have. The sheet below will enable you to write a profile of your seizures, so you can accurately picture and describe your condition.

Any sections where you aren’t sure what to write, you can use as the start of a discussion with your neurologist to become better informed.

The sheet asks you to record:
– Your condition
– Your triggers
– Your warning
– What happens during your seizure
– What happens after your seizure
– Your seizure description
Download the seizure profile sheet to help you describe your own seizure. If you have more than one type of seizure then it will be useful to make a profile for each one.


You may want to use the Seizure profile alongside a seizure diary. Epilepsy Society have a printable diary and an app accessible below.



Just as your medication is tailored to you, so should the rest of your approach to living with Epilepsy. The next sections will enable you to make lifestyle plans based specifically on your life and what you are able to do.